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What people are saying about Matt Trudo

Kathy H.

"I've worked with Matt for nearly a decade! I have never met a more dedicated, knowledgeable professional. I first met Matt after I was in rehab for a broken arm. His nursing background and his knowledge of human physiology absolutely made a difference in getting full use of my arm back. I've worked out with him ever since. I enjoy his wit, intelligence, and his sense of just how much to push me on any given day. He is a very kind and accommodating person who always has his clients best interest at heart and approaches their wellness from a holistic point of view. How much he loves what he does really shows."

- Kathy H., Business Owner

Adam R.

"I have worked out for most of my adult life doing both weight lifting and cardio, primarily running and cycling. As I aged I had a difficult time holding lean mass and was often frustrated with my results. As I approached 40 I was looking to add some muscle mass in hopes of preventing injury and long term health. Matt did a great job of helping me understand how my food intake, lifting, and cardio, worked in unison to meet my goals. I have been able to add 20 pounds of lean mass and adjust my workout regiment to meet my goals."

- Adam R., Director of Property Management

 Carla C.

"I needed to get in shape but needed someone with the knowledge and experience to work with my injuries. In the past I have had trainers and teachers that were not sensitive or had the training to work with me in increasing my fitness without injuring me or making my injuries worse. Matt was the answer. His background in physical therapy was invaluable. I felt safe with him and I have made gains without aggravating my injuries. It has worked very well. Matt's commitment to fitness goes beyond exercise. His approach is one that encompasses all aspects including food and lifestyle. His blog is something I enjoy and read everyday. I enjoy working with him so much it makes working out fun! "

- Carla C., Lawyer & Mediator

Rebecca W.

"When I first came to X Factor my goals were overall wellness and weight loss. Focusing on my fitness/wellness has given me an overall feeling of wellbeing. I am energized when I work out, my stress level is reduced, and it truly makes me 'feel good'. I have really enjoyed working with X Factor. They are encouraging me to realize my best self. I feel challenged without being overwhelmed and supported but also pushed to improve. I like the small pieces of advice and tips to improve my health without the preachiness that can sometimes come with it. I always look forward to my sessions as a time to focus on me with someone cheering me on."

- Rebecca W., HR Talent Advisor

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