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Matt trainingAs a successful professional, you know that your productivity, your ability to create and produce, and your ultimate success are in some part related to your health and wellbeing. But your days are filled with the demands of your work, your team, and your relationships.  There is very little time and energy left to take care of your personal health and fitness needs.

You are not alone.  Most successful professionals feel this way at some point in their careers.  The good news is that the team at X Factor Wellness Solutions can help you find simple wellness strategies to create a health and fitness plan that works.  We do this for our clients and ourselves every day, and we know that you can do it too.

We are fitness and wellness coaches, consultants and educators who work with busy, health conscious professionals.  We offer smart, simple strategies to meet the unique health challenges of our clients, so they can achieve and maintain a healthy and fulfilling personal and professional life.

We will help you get started by assessing your wellness needs and helping you craft a strategy to meet those needs.  Then we will help you implement your plan so you can feel good, look great, and have the energy and stamina you need for your busy life.

(You can read stories of real clients here.)

Our approach hinges on two very critical components, individuality and support.

People StretchingWe begin by assessing your current fitness and wellness level. Then, taking into consideration your age, physical shape and limitations, the time you can commit, and even your budget, we'll design a specific program just for you that includes everything from exercise programs to diet suggestions, and even healthy cooking instruction. Once you start your program, we'll continue to monitor your progress so you can continue to see improvement.

Throughout your program, you'll enjoy the encouragement and support of the X Factor community including our friendly and caring staff, as well as other people just like you, people committed to making a positive difference for themselves and their families.

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There's a simple reason we call ourselves X Factor Wellness Solutions.

Just like in math, where X is different in every equation, our fitness and wellness programs are different for every person and every company, designed to meet specific health and fitness needs.

We assist individuals at all points in their wellness journey. So whether you want to run a marathon, make it up the stairs without getting winded, or drop a few pounds and strengthen your heart despite nagging or chronic injuries, we can help.

Our programs are designed to succeed, they're not fast-track gimmicks or training regimens and diets that are impossible to maintain. Instead, we focus on helping individuals and teams make effective, long-lasting changes that promote a healthy life today and tomorrow.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • Personal training
  • Advanced metabolic and performance assessments (RMR and VO2 Max)
  • Wellness coaching
  • Healthy cooking instruction and demonstrations

Here’s what we can offer your corporate team:

  • Presentations to your team on a variety of wellness topics.
  • Worksite wellness consulting services for small businesses
  • Wellness team training and facilitation
  • Wellness champion mentoring

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Carol Nave, DM, MA

Carol Nave, DM, MA
Certified Personal Trainer

As a wellness coach and consultant, I work with busy professionals to help them achieve optimum health using simple lifestyle strategies.  I believe that the best health initiatives are the simplest ones and that lifestyle change is ... within reach.  As a primary contributor to the Daily Dose (X Factor’s daily tips for healthy living) for more than four years, I have helped hundreds of people keep healthy lifestyle choice a daily priority.

I earned my personal training certification from The Cooper Institute in Dallas, and I also hold degrees in several other fields including business, counseling and music.  In 2013 I completed my doctorate in Organ Performance (Indiana University.) I teach and speak on a variety of wellness topics and offer one-on-one wellness coaching and cooking instruction. 

My understanding of health and wellness comes from personal experience.  As a professional organist, I sustained an injury from repetitive practice, which I was able to overcome by modifying my technique, changing my practice habits, and incorporating stress management techniques.  I also developed a corrective exercise program that helped me overcome muscle imbalances that set in after years of practicing with poor posture. Now it is my mission to share my love of comprehensive health with my clients, through exercise, healthy eating, stress management, and self-care.

For fun, I love to play with my 3 grandchildren, entertain my friends, go to movies, read, play piano and organ, and play with my dog, Vito. 

Matt Trudo MS, BSN

Matt Trudo MS, BSN
Certified Personal Trainer, Master Fitness Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist

As a fitness and wellness coach and consultant, I work with busy, health conscious professionals looking for smart, simple strategies that will meet their unique health challenges.  Whether you want to lose weight, rehab an injury, elevate your sports performance, or improve your health, I will design a program that will be tailored specifically to your needs.  Through a combination of weight training, cardiovascular programming, nutrition strategies and lifestyle modification, you can achieve lasting and life changing results.

I hold a B.S. in Nursing (UTMB Galveston), and M.S. in Exercise Science and Health Promotion (Cal U at Penn.) I also hold certifications as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Master Fitness Specialist through The Cooper Institute and as well as CPT and Performance Enhancement Specialist through The National Academy of Sports Medicine.  I have been in the fitness and wellness industry for over 13 years, during which time I have worked with hundreds of clents helping them achieve their fitness and wellness goals.  

Personally, I am 1 of 8 siblings, 7 boys and 1 younger sister.  In my spare time I enjoy cycling, boxing, going to movies and walking my dog. Also my hobbies include photography and playing the guitar. 

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