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How to Accomplish Your Goals - A Little Inspiration From Yoda

When it comes to being successful, half of the battle is showing up. It really is more about what you do than it is about what you "try" to do. Like Yoda said, do or do not,  there is no try.



By definition "trying" leaves you with the option to fail. This open back door makes people feel safe because it gives them something to blame just in case they fail. In reality, that back door is like a black hole, sucking you away from the success that otherwise would be yours.

Open Back Door





When it comes to your health and fitness, the excuses that we use are like open back doors. "I don't have time, it's too expensive, I will start in the new year"; all back doors keeping us from the one thing that will guarantee our success - doing.


 Take a moral inventory and assess which of your back doors are open! If you are truly honest with yourself, they are pretty easy to spot. Once identified, slam them shut. You can even do it with gusto. Mom isn't going to yell at you for this one. Make the conscience decision to start doing! Don't worry. It doesn't have to be everything all at once. Pick one thing and say, "I WILL DO THIS TODAY!" Once you have the hang of that, pick one more thing. It's the process of doing that leads one foot in front of the other and before you know it, the journey is done. 

  I have faith in you. I know you can do it, now it's your turn. READY, SET, GO!       

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