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People talk about working their "Core Muscles" all the time, but what is the core and how do you work the core effectively. This post will cover core training techniques and summarize how to progress your core work program so that you can make the gains in stability, strength and power that you desire.

Integrated Dynamic Fitness Training is a systematic approach to fitness training which incorporates Flexibility, Core training, Balance Training, Reactive Training, Speed Training and Resistance Training. If you are looking to get results, progressing along this continuum will allow you to make steady gains with minimal risk of injury.

Stay fit and have fun working out with your newborn. Alternative exercises incorporating your baby so you can bot stay healthy and fit.

Many people have heard of a VO2 Max assessment, but not many people understand what the information means, and how they can use it to improve their performance and maximize their results when they work out. If you have wondered about VO2 Max assessments, this article is for you.

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Is your body saying you're old, but your mind isn't willing to give in? If you've ever felt discouraged by the challenges of health & fitness after 40, we've got a few tips, and a toolbox to help.

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