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Just like in the 7th inning stretch in baseball, stretching in our daily lives is crucially important to decrease muscle tightness which leads to imbalance, pain and potential injury. Static stretching all if the major muscle groups frequently is one tool in your wellness arsenal to maintain a balanced and healthy body.

This post will address how to stretch the deltoids and pectoral muscles, which are often tight in people who spend a lot of time at a desk or on a computer. Improving flexibility in these areas will improve muscle balance between the chest and upper back which will decrease shoulder and neck pain, and decrease the risk of repetitive motion injury in the neck and shoulder areas.

If you work at a desk or in a seated position this blog is for you. Imbalance in the muscles of the neck can cause postural problems in the neck and shoulders leading to chronic pain and possible permanent injury. Maintaining flexibility in the neck and shoulders can alleviate many of these possible problems.

This blog focuses on Static Stretches for the "Calf" or Gastrocnemius Muscle located in the lower leg. Focusing on improving flexibility in this area will improve muscle balance and decrease the risk of pain and injury in the lower leg.

In this blog the Achilles complex, which includes the Soleus and Planters muscles, are discussed and examples of static stretches focused on the lower leg are given. Static stretches focusing on this area can decrease foot pain including plantar fasciitis and help create balance in the muscles of the lower leg decreasing risk of injury.

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