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Blueberry Weekend
By Carol Nave on May 2, 2015

Blueberries are one of my favorite foods, and they happen to be super healthy, too. (I have been taking a box to my grandson on Saturday mornings. He wants to eat the whole thing!) Today we're giving you a couple of ideas to try with blueberries this weekend.

Batch cooking for the week saves time and money. Not to mention that it tastes great! The weather here is beautiful so we plan to do our batch cooking on the grill. If it's nice where you are, consider enjoying some time outside and cooking up some healthy food.

Perfect, Portable Snacks
By Carol Nave on April 22, 2015

Sometimes having the right snack in your briefcase or travel bag is the difference between being sharp and staying on point for that important meeting, or being sluggish and scattered. Find out more about your perfect snacking solution . . .

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