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Our brains have an amazing capacity to push us through any difficult challenge. This post will help you learn to "amplify your yes" and provides valuable insights from the world of neuroscience.

Do you need to find a good book to take on your summer vacation? Here are our top 3 picks. We think that you'll find them interesting, and probably find a few helpful wellness tips along the way. Enjoy!

I know you've been there. (We all have!) You had good success with healthy eating and workouts. Then something happens. The dog dies, you have a massive project at work, you get sick or injured. All the progress you made seems to have gone out the window. I've got some good news! Getting back on track is easier than you think.

Things don't always go as planned. But in the midst of dealing with unexpected challenges, there is always something new to learn. Today we're talking about ways that you can turn lemons into lemonade!

The Power of Perseverance
By Carol Nave on April 29, 2015

In the battle of the rock and the stream, the stream wins every time, not through strength but through perseverance. A healthy life comes, not from being perfect, but by showing up and taking action toward your goals.

“Training with X-Factor has put me in the best shape of my life along with feeling better than I ever have.” Jeff N.

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Is your body saying you're old, but your mind isn't willing to give in? If you've ever felt discouraged by the challenges of health & fitness after 40, we've got a few tips, and a toolbox to help.

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