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It's time to take out the apron, dust off the stove top, and make some tasty food at home. This post will give you 8 good reasons to cook your own food, and you'll get some inside info on how Matt and Carol go about it.

We found this great tool that will help you eliminate food waste, stay on your meal plan and keep you from having to run to the grocery store to create a home-cooked meal. Give it a try!

Your annual doctor's visit might be something you dread, but it is an important part of your wellness routine. Here are some ideas about the wellness metrics that you should be measuring and how to keep track.

Do you need to find a good book to take on your summer vacation? Here are our top 3 picks. We think that you'll find them interesting, and probably find a few helpful wellness tips along the way. Enjoy!

I know you've been there. (We all have!) You had good success with healthy eating and workouts. Then something happens. The dog dies, you have a massive project at work, you get sick or injured. All the progress you made seems to have gone out the window. I've got some good news! Getting back on track is easier than you think.

“Training with X-Factor has put me in the best shape of my life along with feeling better than I ever have.” Jeff N.

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Is your body saying you're old, but your mind isn't willing to give in? If you've ever felt discouraged by the challenges of health & fitness after 40, we've got a few tips, and a toolbox to help.

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