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DIY Friday: Your Summer Vacation

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If you haven't started already, this weekend is the perfect time to begin thinking about your summer vacation.  Did you know that many people don't use their paid vacation days?  Research tells us that taking time to restore and renew will increase your productivity when you are on the job, as well as decrease your chances for serious illness.  So, why not take some time this weekend to begin planning that all-important summer vacation.  Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan.

Consider going on an "active" vacation.  This doesn't have to be anything extreme, but if you make physical activity part of the plan, you won't need to worry about missing your regualar workouts.  You might consider hiking, biking, or some type of water activity as part of the overall plan of your trip.

Use your vacation as a "kedge."  Chis Crowley, author of Younger Next Year, suggests getting out of a physical rut by planning an activity that you have to train to accomplish.  (Read here for Crowley's definition of a kedge.)  Train for a competition, take an onroad bike trip, or surf for the first time.  All of these are examples of a kedge.  Your vacation can be the fulfillment of a dream.

Spend your vacation time learning something new.  If you are like most successful and driven people that I know, there are things on your bucket list that you never get to.  Why not spend your vacation time checking off one of those items - learn a new language, take a cooking class with a world class chef, or improve your photography skills.  

Use your imagination when planning your vacation and plan with intention.  Why not make it the trip of a lifetime?  This weekend is the perfect time to start.

Here's to making memories!

Question of the day:  What is your favorite "active" vacation memory?  

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  1. Matt:
    Jul 25, 2015 at 06:02 PM

    I think my favorite was walking through the streets of Greece. Burned a lot of calories, took a ton of great pictures, and eat some wonderful food. Good memories to be had for sure. Glad I had a chance to do that when I did. Can't wait for another opportunity like that again.

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