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DIY Friday: Your Recovery Rituals


 It's Friday, and for many of us, that means a little recovery time.  What is your best recovery ritual?  Cycling between pushing hard and recovery is the best way to become more productive and boost your capacity to produce.  Most of us are great at pushing hard, but we don't always do a good job at recovery.  And let's face it - some of our recovery rituals (eating or drinking too much, isolating yourself from others, or shifting from working at your jobs to working at home) do more to keep our bodies and minds stressed and stagnant than they do to restore us.  It's good to balance those things with healthier recovery alternatives - a long walk, a nap, time with family and friends.

For your DIY project this week, take a minute and list your typical recovery rituals.  Are they helpful or do they keep you stuck?  Think of at least one productive ritual that you can add in this weekend and give it a try.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • A weekend workout (with a twist - different than regular days)
  • A long walk or bike ride
  • Listening to your favorite music
  • Cooking a healthy meal for friends and family
  • A long nap
  • Going to a great movie
  • A massage
  • Going to the dog park with our furry friend

Recovery is an important part of your overall health.  Embrace the idea of recovery and make it happen for yourself this weekend.

Here's to the power of a healthy recovery ritual! 

Question:  What are your favorite ways to recover from a long week at work?


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