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Today we are publishing the results of our reader survey about staying on track with healthy behavior during the holiday season. We listened and have come up with a plan. This just might be something that will work for you too. Read on!

The key to developing any healthy habit is to know your traits and tendencies. Trying to go against your hard-wired nature will usually result in failure. These 10 questions can help you uncover ways to successfully make lifestyle changes for good.

Have you ever completed a diet plan or fitness program and said "Now what?" Staying healthy and fit for life requires that you understand the long game and have the tools that can help you get there. This blogpost identifies 3 strategies that will help you do just that.

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The Performer's Wellness Initiative helps musicians and other performing artists create healthy lifestyles with fitness, healthy eating, practice techniques, pain management, stress management, and preventive healthcare.

If you haven't quite met your health and fitness goals this year, it's a great time to get back on track. We have a plan that will help you re-discover what's important and will help you finish the year strong.

“Training with X-Factor has put me in the best shape of my life along with feeling better than I ever have.” Jeff N.

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Is your body saying you're old, but your mind isn't willing to give in? If you've ever felt discouraged by the challenges of health & fitness after 40, we've got a few tips, and a toolbox to help.

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